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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advising


Contact Information:

Isaac Reyes

104D FASB Epicenter


The Department requires that students see our Academic Advisor at least once per academic year. This allows students to plan according to course availability and pre-requisites.




Transfer course evaluations

Please note that:

  1. All responses will be sent to the requestor's university email account. Please check your junk email if you have not received your code.
  2. Do not send multiple requests and please do not call asking us to expedite your request; it will prolong the process.
  3. All permission code requests are processed in the order that they were received. Permission codes will not be issued via appointment or over the phone.

Many courses within the Department are only offered certain years or semesters. It is critical that students work closely with our advisors to graduate in a timely manner. Transfer students are also encouraged to meet with the Department advisor early in their academic career, even prior to admission to The University of Utah.  

  • Atmospheric Sciences Major and Minor Declarations
  • Remove Registration Holds
  • General Education Advising for Declared Majors  
  • Graduation planning for Declared Majors 
  • DARS training for Undergraduate Students
  • Address transfer credit issues 
  • Connecting to university, college and department resources.
  • Building a foundation for a lifetime of success as a Department of Atmospheric Sciences alum.


Department Undergraduate Career Advisors


Students may see Dr. Kevin Perry,  Dr. Gannet Hallar, or Dr. John Horel. Students with an interest in a traditional meteorology career usually migrate toward John Horel. Students that are interested in more broad-ranging career alternatives usually migrate toward Kevin Perry or Gannet Hallar. 

We have an open-door advising policy for our students which means that you can stop by at any time for advising.  If we are available, then we will gladly speak with you.  If you would prefer to schedule an appointment to ensure availability, the best way is to click the link below the advisors' photos to send them an appointment request via email. 

University of Utah's Advisor Mission Statement: 

As educators and problem solvers, we advocate for students as they navigate their personal journey of higher education and attain their academic goals. Through connection, we open doors to new opportunities for self-awareness and growth, empowering students to define their roles as citizens within local and global communities.



Last Updated: 6/18/24