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  • ATMOS Open House Highlights

    The Atmospheric Sciences and Geology Departments recently hosted an Open House with lots of fun and interactive activities for the public.

  • Utah Climate Week Thumbnail2018 Utah Climate Week

    The Utah Climate Action Network's "Utah Climate Week" has events and activities throughout Utah during the first week of October.

  • Adam Varble's Love for Storms

    Watching 110 mph winds knock down trees, watching clouds form, and bailing buckets of water out of his backyard. Read about how this and more led Professor Varble to pursue a career in Atmospheric Sciences.

  • ATMOS StampAtmospheric Sciences Open House

    The Departments of Atmospheric Sciences and Geology are hosting an Open House on September 28th from 6 to 9 pm.

  • Zhaoxia Pu Recognized for Accomplishments

    Dr. Zhaoxia Pu was recently recognized by AMS and also traveled to Indonesia to present her research.


Last Updated: 7/9/18