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Recent Grads

  Female Male
BS 1 2
MS 2 3
PhD 1 1
Minor 1 1

In the Fall 2017 Semester, 12 students graduated from the Atmospheric Sciences department. See the chart for more information:

Out of those who graduated in Fall 2017, 5 are going on for higher degrees, and several others are gainfully employed in the Atmospheric Sciences field.



 Spotlight on Recent Graduates

Randall Vowles

Randall Vowles is starting a new job with Weathernews, Inc. as an Operational Aviation Meteorologist to provide forecasts for airports worldwide. Weathernews is an international company and Randall will be working in Norman, OK at their office located on the University of Oklahoma campus.


Winnie Wu

Zheng Wu (Winnie) received her MS degree in Fall 2017 after defending her thesis titled, "Sensitivity of Stratosphere-Troposphere Interaction to Surface Forcing in an Idealized Model". In Fall 2017, she began her doctoral studies under the continued direction of Dr. Thomas Reichler. 


Shixuan Zhang

Shixuan Zhang did his Ph.D. defense titled, “Improving Hurricane Vortex Initialization and Prediction through Inner-core Data Assimilation with Ensembler-Variational Hybrid Methods” in May 2017 and received his Ph.D. degree in December 2017. He is currently working as a postdoctoral research associate at the Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His current research focuses on assessing and improving the numerical solution of atmospheric physics in weather and climate model.

Tom Gowan

Tom Gowan received his MS degree in Fall 2017 after defending his thesis titled, “Validation of Mountain Precipitation Forecasts from the Convection-Permitting NCAR Ensemble and Operational Forecast Systems over the Western United States. ” In Spring 2017, he began his doctoral studies under the continued direction of Dr. Jim Steenburgh.  His doctoral research will focus on numerical simulations of lake-effect snowfall.

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