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Sebastian Hoch

Sebastian Hoch

Research Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric Sciences
University of Utah
135 S 1460 East Rm 819 (WBB)
Salt Lake City, Ut 84112-0110

Office: 485 INSCC
Office Phone: (801) 581-7094
My Website:

2005 Natural Sciences ETH Zurich


Selected Publications:

A mass-flux model of nocturnal cold air intrusions into a closed basin.  (Journal Article), 2011
[citation]  [abstract] 

Diurnal cycle of thermally driven cross-basin winds in Arizona's Meteor Crater  (Journal Article), 2011
[citation]  [abstract] 

Nocturnal cold air intrusions into Arizona's Meteor Crater: Observational evidence and conceptual model  (Journal Article), 2010
[citation]  [abstract] 

Topographic effects on the surface radiation balance in and around Arizona's Meteor Crater  (Journal Article), 2010

Validating the MYSTIC three-dimensional radiative transfer model with observations from the complex topography of Arizona's Meteor Crater  (Journal Article), 2010
[citation]  [abstract]  [text]

Evening temperature rises on valley floors and slopes: Their causes and their relationship to the thermally driven wind systems.  (Journal Article), 2009
[citation]  [abstract] 

METCRAX 2006 Meteorological experiments in Arizona's Meteor Crater  (Journal Article), 2008
[citation]  [abstract] 

Year-round Observations of Longwave Radiative Flux Divergence in Greenland  (Journal Article), 2007
[citation]  [abstract] 

Pan-Arctic enhancements of light absorbing aerosol concentrations due to North American boreal forest fires during summer.  (Journal Article), 2006
[citation]  [abstract] 

Research Statement

* Atmospheric radiation
* Boundary layer processes
* Surface climate

* I am involved in the METCRAX research program, focusing on the role of radiative processes in cold air pool buildup and breakup.

Research Keywords, Regions of Interest and Languages:

Languages: English (131); German (120)

Research Projects

METCRAX - Meteor Crater Experiment

Project Web

Radiative Flux Divergence in SBL Development

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